Dodjela ULUPUH-ovih nagrada u 2018. godini

Pored dodjele nagrada uručit će se pohvala za najbolju samostalnu izložbu „Blockhead: Disoriented Series“ autoru Marku Zubaku.

Crypto papertoys!!

My new “Time will show” crypto-papertoy series now available as “rare digital” editions, with proof of authenticity on blockchain! Check it out at MakersPlace!

More paintings stolen!

Thief with two paintings, mixed media, 30x30x30 cm, 2016.

It’s not the fall that hurts, it’s when you hit the ground

“Falling into infinity”

“Falling into infinity” is multiplying in the “Post city” chapter.

Special MLIBTY Shadows blog on Patreon!

Anonymous officials



Commercial projects and books featuring my paper toys.

No place for paper toys

About a paper toy who dared to stand up against the sameness and intended to occupy it’s space in their world of objects.

Vipnet building, Zagreb

Marko Zubak, Fine Arts degree. Fields: painting, sculpture, graphic, paper toys, design, animation.
Projects: MLIBTY Shadows, Bugbots, yebomaycu project, ye-boT initiative. Download free papertoys.